SanDisk Ultra 2GB SD Memory Card (15MB/S)

SanDisk Ultra 2GB SD Memory Card (15MB/S)
SanDisk Ultra 2GB SD Memory Card (15MB/S)
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SanDisk Ultra memory cards feature faster performance, greater storage capacities,
and better dependability, so you can get the most from your investment in a featurerich,
high-quality digital camera or camcorder.

• A high-quality card you can trust with your precious memories
• High speed card featuring fast 15MB/sec performance
• High performance card for cutting out the wait when transferring data from camera to PC
• Solid reliability backed by a lifetime limited warranty
• Higher capacity card for capturing more photos and longer videos

Fast, reliable and compatible storage for professional and advanced digital photographers.
The SanDisk Ultra® SD card provides the superior speed, reliability and compatibility serious digital photographers need to take advantage of the advanced features found in today's high megapixel digital cameras. SanDisk Ultra SD cards feature high-density flash memory and optimized controller technology for saving large image files faster, lower power consumption for longer battery life, and a lifetime warranty. SanDisk Ultra SD cards are fully compatible and interchangeable with all SD digital cameras, card readers, and adapters that comply with the SD standard.

  • Minimum of 10MB/second sequential read speed for ultra-fast image viewing and data transfer
  • Minimum 9MB/second sequential write speed lets you capture large image files faster
  • Low power consumption for longer battery life
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