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Revell Enamel Model Paints - 20 Paint Tins

Revell Enamel Model Paints - 20 Paint Tins
Revell Enamel Model Paints - 20 Paint Tins
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Revell Enamel Model Paints - 20 Paint Tins

Revell is Germany's major modelling paint supplier: A vast choice of 88 colour shades is available in Gloss, Silk Matt, Matt, Metallic and Clear.

Revell Enamel Color paints come in strong and practical 14ml tins and are the number one solution for painting your Revell model kits and bringing them to life!

It is possible to apply another colour or coat of paint after only 4-6 hours. The paint is completely dry after 24 hours.

What You Get!
• 20 Tinlets of Revell Enamel Paint - You choose the colours from the list below!

Paints Available (Visual Colour Chart Below)
Clear Gloss (No.1)
Clear Matt (No.2)
White Gloss (No.4)
White Matt (No.5)
Tar Black Matt (No.6)
Black Gloss (No.7)
Black Matt (No.8)
Anthracite Grey Matt (No.9)
Yellow Gloss (No.12)
Yellow Matt (No.15)
Sandy Yellow Matt (No.16)
Africa-Brown Matt (No.17)
Luminous Orange Matt (No.25)
Orange Gloss (No.30)
Fiery Red Gloss (No.31)
Ferrari Red Gloss (No.34)
Flesh Matt (No.35)
Carmine Red Matt (No.36)
Reddish Brown Matt (No.37)
Dark Green Matt (No.39)
Black-Green Matt (No.40)
Olive Yellow Matt (No.42)
USAF Grey Matt (No.43)
Light Olive Matt (No.45)
NATO Olive Matt (No.46)
Mouse Grey Matt (No.47)
Sea Green Matt (No.48)
Light Blue Matt (No.49)
Light Blue Gloss (No.50)
Ultramarine Blue Gloss (No.51)
Blue Gloss (No.52)
Night Blue Gloss (No.54)
Light Green Matt (No.55)
Blue Matt (No.56)
Grey Matt (No.57)
RAF Sky Matt (No.59)
Emarald Green Gloss (No.61)
Sea Green Gloss (No.62)
Bronze Green Matt (No.65)
Olive Grey Matt (No.66)
Greenish Grey Matt (No.67)
RAF Dark Green Matt (No.68)
Granite Grey Matt (No.69)
USAF Gunship Grey Matt (No.74)
Stone Grey Matt (No.75)
USAF Light Grey Matt (No.76)
Dust Grey Matt (No.77)
Tank Grey Matt (No.78)
Greyish Blue Matt (No.79)
Mud Brown Gloss (No.80)
RAF Dark Earth Matt (No.82)
Rust Matt (No.83)
Leather Brown Matt (No.84)
Brown Matt (No.85)
Olive Brown Matt (No.86)
Earth Brown Matt (No.87)
Ochre Brown Matt (No.88)
Beige Matt (No.89)
Silver Metallic (No.90)
Steel Metallic (No.91)
Brass Metallic (No.92)
Copper Metallic (No.93)
Gold Metallic (No.94)
Bronze Metallic (No.95)
Aluminium Metallic (No.99)
White Silk (No.301)
Black Silk (No.302)
Yellow Silk (No.310)
Luminous Yellow Silk Matt (No.312)
Beige Silk (No.314)
Fiery Red Silk Matt (No.330)
Purple Red Silk Matt (No.331)
Luminous Red Silk Matt (No.332)
Dark Blue Silk Matt (No.350)
Green Silk Matt (No.360)
Olive Green Silk Matt (No.361)
Greyish Green Silk Matt (No.362)
Dark Green Silk Matt (No.363)
Leaf Green Silk Matt (No.364)
Patina Green Silk Matt (No.365)
Light Grey Silk Matt (No.371)
Grey Silk Matt (No.374)
Dark Grey Silk Matt (No.378)
Brown Silk Matt (No.381)
Wood Brown Silk Matt (No.382)
Clear Orange (No.730)
Clear Red (No.731)
Clear Blue (No.752)

How to Order
• Place an order for the paint pack on our website as normal
• Use our Contact Us form to request your colour choices
• Selecting colour numbers as seen below rather than colour names will speed up processing
• We do the rest!

Shipping Limitations
Please note that we are currently only able to offer these paints to UK addresses via standard free delivery.

Our handy Revell Paint Colour Chart is the easiest way to browse the available paints and their relative colour reference numbers!

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