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Revell Blue Matt Acrylic Paint - 18ml Pot of Aqua Color Model Paint - 36156

Revell Blue Matt Acrylic Paint - 18ml Pot of Aqua Color Model Paint - 36156
Revell Blue Matt Acrylic Paint - 18ml Pot of Aqua Color Model Paint - 36156
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The most popular Aqua Color paints are now available in all 88 shades. It is no longer necessary for the model builder to compromise. You can rely on this acrylic paint system for all your colour requirements.

Revell Aqua Color-paints in the brand-new 18-ml jars/pots are ideal for modelling:
• Paints can be thinned with water only
• Paints are mild-smelling
• Paints are non-inflammable
• Paints contain virtually no organic solvents
• 88 different shades
• Paints can be intermixed
• The paint is dry to the touch after 2 to 3 hours
• An hour after painting one colour, you can apply another over the top, i.e. six times quicker than with Email-Color paints
• After allowing the specified drying time, the new paints and the existing Email-Color paints can be easily painted one on top of the other

The paint is also suitable for airbrushing. In the process, please observe the following:
• Do not thin the paint too excessively
• Dilute with water (max. 20 to 25%). Do not use solvent-based thinners!
• Clean the spray gun with water immediately after use
• If the paint has already dried on, the spray gun can also be cleaned with Airbrush Clean

When using a paintbrush:
• The paints are ready to use and give extremely good coverage
• Exceptional results with a paintbrush
• Smooth surfaces look almost as good as when airbrushed
• End result absolutely comparable with Email-Color paints
• Notch in top rim of paint jar/pot provides a secure resting place for brush while working
• Clean brush with water immediately after use

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