Octostand - Mobile Phone / MP3 Player Holder

Octostand - Mobile Phone / MP3 Player Holder
Octostand - Mobile Phone / MP3 Player Holder
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Octostand - Mobile Phone / MP3 Player Holder

The Octostand from Mfuse is a great accessory for your mobile phone or MP3 player. Shaped like an octopus its eight legs, body and head can be moved and moulded to contain your gadget so its screen is always visible.

Made from a soft, flexible plastic, the Octostand is available in black colour. His body can be contorted into any position to conform to the surrounding environment. He can be used as a stand for your bedside table, wrap around parts of your car dashboard, on the handlebars of your bicycle - anywhere that you might want to be 'hands-free'. The rubber texture means that the Octostand always grips securely and adds extra protection. The flexibility of the Octostand means you can always achieve the right viewing angle and it can be used anywhere.

When not in use, the Octostand can be folded into a compact shape and stored away conveniently.

-Octostand Mobile Phone/MP3 Player Holder
-Size 20cm x 20cm (approx)
-Colour black
-Octopus shaped holder
-For use with mobile phones and media devices
-Grip and protect your phone
-Customise your viewing angle
-Hang, grip and stand
-Adjustable, secure and portable
-Take it anywhere, use it everywhere!

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