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3M Grey Cat7 Flat Ethernet Cable High Speed Shielded RJ45 Network Lead - 3 Metre Grey

3M Grey Cat7 Flat Ethernet Cable High Speed Shielded RJ45 Network Lead - 3 Metre Grey
3M Grey Cat7 Flat Ethernet Cable High Speed Shielded RJ45 Network Lead - 3 Metre Grey
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Our Cat7 ethernet cables offer a high-speed wired internet or network connection. With speeds up to 10Gbps and bandwidth capabilities of 600MHz, they're perfect for large scale, modern office networks. Guaranteed for life, our professional network cables will always perform to the highest standards.

Why Go Flat?
The new flat design gives a number of benefits over traditional cables. A reduction in size and weight increases flexibility, meaning the cable can run through tight spaces and around corners as well as behind skirting boards and under carpets.
Conductors and insulation share the tensile load equally so although the cable is thinner, its strengh and durability is increased. The cables can be easily attached to walls and surfaces with adhesive, double sided tape or clips.

Shielded Ultra Fast Connections
Each cable is fully shielded to effectively reduce the potential for crosstalk and interference. Within the outer PVC jacket, the cable is comprised of an overall braid screen with individually foil screened twisted pairs.
Category 7 specification certifies the cable to support speeds up to 10Gbps (10000Mbps) meaning it's suited to todays heavy data needs and will be for years to come.
Bandwidth support up to 600MHz means the cables can cope with heavy usage on large, busy networks without compromising on performance.

• Shielded to protect against interference
• Durable and Flexible flat style construction
• Run discreetly beneath flooring and carpets
• Usable in tight spaces and around corners
• Reduced weight and size
• RoHS & CE compliant
• Lifetime Guarantee

• Cat7 (Category 7) Certified for Ultra Fast Networking of 10Gbps (10000Mbps)
• Bandwidth support up to 600MHz for busy networks with heavy simultaneous usage
• SFTP - Shielded Foil Twisted Pair
• 3 Metre Grey Cat7 Shielded Ethernet Cable

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