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1m HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable (Type C) for Digital Cameras Portable Devices

1m HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable (Type C) for Digital Cameras Portable Devices
1m HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable (Type C) for Digital Cameras Portable Devices
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GizzmoHeaven Premium Quality Gold Plated HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable - 1 Metre

High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI and is a digital interface used to transfer both audio and video data between HDMI devices and compatible monitors, digital televisions or other audio/visual devices.

These Mini HDMI to standard HDMI cables offer a simple connection between portable, HDMI compliant devices (such as digital cameras) and standard HDMI devices like televisions or monitors.

The Mini connector is roughly half the size of the standard connection but configured with the same 19 pin arrangement. They are available in lengths from 1 metre up to 5 metres and are an incredibly useful accessory for anyone with a portable HDMI device.

High Definition Portability
With tablets, digital cameras and other portable devices getting ever smaller, efficiency of space is essential. A portable device with a full sized HDMI port would be a waste of valuable real estate so Mini HDMI was conceived to address this issue. Any device with a Mini HDMI port can now benefit from the HDMI standard without compromise via these cables!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our Mini HDMI cables have been fully tested by the Gizzmo Heaven team, ensuring that the cable meets our high standards for uninterupted performance, physical strength and aesthetics.

All Gizzmo Heaven cables are backed by a lifetime warranty direct with us, so shop with confidence!

Specifications & Features
•HDMI A Male to Mini HDMI Male
•Version 1.4
•3D & Ethernet Ready
•Full 1080p and 4k support
•Mini Connector Dimensions: 10.42 mm × 2.42 mm
•High Speed Cat 2
•Gold Plated Connectors
•Solid and Robust Construction
•RoHS & CE Compliant
•Supplied in a sealed polythene retail bag
•Lifetime Guarantee direct with us

Variations Available
• 1 Metre • 1.5 Metre • 1.8 Metre • 2 Metre • 3 Metre • 5 Metre
(Simply select your desired length from the drop down menu above)

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Gizzmo Heaven
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