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0.5m [5-Pack] Green Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable RJ45 Patch Leads - 0.5 Metre Green [5-Pack]

0.5m [5-Pack] Green Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable RJ45 Patch Leads - 0.5 Metre Green [5-Pack]
0.5m [5-Pack] Green Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable RJ45 Patch Leads - 0.5 Metre Green [5-Pack]
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Cat5e is a networking cabling standard as defined by the EIA (Electronic Industries Association). It is perfect for creating a network between devices and is the most popular wired solution for doing so. You can easily add network devices to your network with these cables, simply plug and go!

While the older Cat5 standard supported up to 100Mbps, these newer Cat5e (Enhanced) cables can support Gigabit networking at speeds up to 1000Mbps!

Home or Workplace Networking
These patch cables are the number 1 solution for wired networking. With support for up 1000Mbps, they ensure your devices will communicate at optimal levels (it is important to note that networks can only perform at the speed of the slowest connected device).
Connect your modem or router to a laptop or PC to gain instant, uninterrupted internet access. As more and more devices require internet connections, these cables are becoming more and more useful.

Games consoles and Sky TV boxes both require these to connect to the internet so they are great to have as often the cables supplied with the device (if any) are either too short or low quality.

Practical Colours
Our range of Cat5e Ethernet cables come in a huge range of different colours giving you more choice to customise and organise your networks. Either choose a colour based on preference or style for your small network or if planning a large network solution, use the different colours to strategically map your cable layout. Colours make it easy to differentiate which cable goes to which device making troubleshooting and organising easy!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our network cables have been rigorously tested by our team for both performance and physical durability. They are constructed to the highest standards and provide the performance you expect at a price you wouldn't!

Enjoy peace of mind as all of our cables are backed by a lifetime guarantee direct with us!

Specifications & Features
•Cat5e (Enhanced) Specification
•Gigabit Network Support (up to 1000Mbps)
•Backwards compatible with standard Cat5
•Many Colours and sizes available
•Solid and Robust Construction
•RoHS & CE Compliant
•Supplied in a sealed polythene bag
•Lifetime Guarantee direct with us

Package Contents
5 x 0.5 Metre Green Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable RJ45 Patch Leads

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